Incident at DC2

Opened on Wednesday 11th December 2019, last updated


Posted by Andreas Haakonsen


We have had an incident in DC2 affecting some servers due to extreme weather conditions.

Our datacenters lost power around 04:30 GMT+1, but not before loosing just one phase of power, which caused issues for some select servers in a region in DC2. Our UPSes tried to compensate for the voltage loss. Our generator started just 15 seconds after the power loss and regained full power to the facility and our UPSes.

In addition to this, the same switch that serves this particular shelf in DC2 had issues with one of it's power supplies, causing a network outage for some servers in the same region between 04:30 GMT+1 and 07:00 GMT+1. The power supply has been replaced and all services have been fully restored.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen