Affected services:

  • Network DC1
  • Network DC2

Change AS-number in network

Scheduled for Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 00:30 (Stockholm)

Schedule/description of work

We will change our ASN from 203629 to 56655 this evening. The reason for the change are many, but primarily to better support communities within our network. Expect a 5-15 minute drop in connections while we reconfigure our routers and converge BGP.

Scheduled start time
November 05, 2019 00:30
1 hour


Work has completed.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

We have completed the ASN change and are monitoring our network.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

First router has completed BGP convergence and everything is working as expected. Moving to next router.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

First router is currently establishing BGP and converging routes.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

We are preparing our routers for the ASN change from 203629 to 56655. We will change configuration on one router at a time, expected downtime per router is around 5 minutes.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen