Affected services:

  • Network DC2

Upgrade software on distro2.dc2 router

Scheduled for Wednesday 5th February 2020 at 20:00 (Stockholm)

Schedule/description of work

We need to perform a software upgrade on our distro2.dc2 router. Routing will be moved to another router and customers should only experience a 1-5 seconds drop while this is performed.

Affected subnets are:

This upgrade is necessary to ensure the stability, performance and security of the router.

Scheduled start time
February 05, 2020 20:00
30 minutes


Router is back into production.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

The router is now booting and we expect to have it back in production shortly.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

IPv6 for the affected subnet will be down while we upgrade the routers software. IPv4 up and working as expected.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen

The maintenance is in progress. We are currently moving the routing for the affected subnet.

Posted by Andreas Haakonsen